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So I went thru this thing recently where I got all makeup obsessed and bought all the makeup and all the brushes. Do I use all that shit?


But I need it in case I get in the mood or have an occasion for a full beat.

Went to target this weekend & saw they had the Sonia Kashuk 15th anniversary set. 15 PRETTY ass brushes.

I don’t even use all the brushes I have now, but I bought that shit anyway.

I hid it from the boo, but then I confessed. He’s so over my obsession.

I’m on my way to becoming a full on beauty product hoarder. Don’t even get me started on my hair product collection ugh

Anonymous said: You're piercing looks really cute. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks ☺️







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Anonymous said: Could you recommend me some more blogs like yours please?

Assuming you mean blogs that feature poc kink, here’s a list started by damagictouch (follow him to start, if you haven’t already):

Anonymous said: I'm dating this white guy and i'm into being whipped ,he doesn't know, and once he saw whips and crops he got upset and said he could never do that to someone because it reminds him of slavery and its degrading...i really want him to do that to me.

He told you he’s not into it. Find someone who shares that interest if it’s important to you.

Anonymous said: so my girl just realized she likes girls. that's no problem, completely understandable because i like girls too - and i've been in an open bi relationship b4. great. so here in lies the problem: 1 she's having trouble admitting she's not bi at all but a straight lesbian 2 we're having less sex but she doesn't want me to play with other women while she's "figuring herself out" everyone feels the energy difference and i'm being invited on play dates, she gone to some clubs but acts jealous. help.

I’m confused & not sure what you need help with. How do you know what her sexuality is? Cause she don’t wanna give it up to you as often?

Y’all are in an open relationship and suddenly she wants to close it? Or she gets to fuck other women but you don’t, at the moment?

Give her the time to figure shit out or move on.

I appreciate y’all sending me messages, but I’m not qualified to give relationship advice (especially re: non-monogamous ones). I don’t have much experience and I bail when shit gets tough 😐

I been drankin

And I just wanna text all my frandz & tell them how much I love them


Nyasia being submissive


Nyasia being submissive

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Anonymous said: What do you think about cuckolding?

I’m not here for that & I never will be.

Every time I see something about it, it’s always some racist shit. Either BBC fucks pure, white milf while her husband (with his tiny dick) watches OR black slut gets drilled by “superior” white cock while her husband (Tyrone) sits by.

I’m sure there are exceptions, but that’s been my experience.

Anonymous said: Any tips or advice on having a threesome with my girlfriend and another guy?

I’ve never had one so I’m not the one to ask… Sorry! Maybe one of my subscribers had some advice…

Opal barbell

Opal barbell

Just got my right boob re-pierced, but vertically this time. It’s so cute and painful (as these endorphins wear off).

Anonymous said: Love this blog and u lol :*

:* :* :*

This is so me with my boo Henn

This is so me with my boo Henn

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