Anonymous asked: Like your blog wouldn't mind spanking that ass of yours as I eat your pussy.

Glad you like the blog


play time

annnnd i’m inspired


play time

annnnd i’m inspired

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another thing

idk why… but somehow ppl are still following me. i know there’s a bunch of you that i need to block and some I would want to follow, but that takes more effort than i want to exert @ the moment. please don’t be offended if u followed and i didn’t follow back. im not a follow backer, in general (for followings sake, i mean). i’m very sensitive to content and so there are just certain things im here for and certain things i’m not (current events ugh so depressing) and I’m very selective of what shows up on my dash. i will literally browse pages and pages of content before i follow to make sure i won’t be subjected to fuckshit.

anyway, hayyyy yall.


if you read any of those last 2 posts, keep in mind that I was just going on. no re-reading and planning so umm.. yea

Just wanna talk pt2

ugh I acidentally posted that last post before I got to finish -__-

typing from my phone and all.

anyway, i guess the summary is (LOST MY TRAIN OF RAMBLING THOUGHT) that even when u try to make a big change in your life, some things stay the same.

i won’t obsess about it and try to keep myself in neat little categories (not completely anyway). what I won’t do is try to force anything, like I did in the past. no more forcing, no more rushing. 

I’m following my intuition more and having fun and so we’ll see what happens.

Just wanna talk

I wanted to say put some things here so here goes. It may not make sense, but if I worry about that, I’ll never get it out so bear with me or don’t read.


Ever since I met the boo back in November, we’ve been near inseparable.

Coming out of my last relationship and all my experience with men who ID as doms or kinky (I was in a phase, I’d say where I was only willing to deal with men in those categories) had really left a bad taste in my mouth and left me questioning myself and my desires.

Basically, I was having some fun & living the life I thought I was meant to live, but in the meantime I was exposing myself to lots of unsavory characters. Putting up with dumb shit just so I could “live the life”, so to speak.

So after the ex, I wanted to finally distance myself from all that. I put myself in rehab for spankings so I could totally eliminate the cravings (pain is addictive!), but the sadist in me was still enjoying watching other women get punished (no fun in playful spankings. They must be punished!)

As more time passed, I found myself feeling a total disconnect from the images I was blogging. I was re blogging things that I new my followers would appreciate, but that excitement is previously gotten was gone.

In my current relationship (we say we are just friends, but that’s still a relationship), things feel very vanilla and I love it. He is bossy though (and I can be too), but i find myself being bossed around more often by him, than the other way around.

Most nights, he will tell me when it’s bedtime and so we go to bed.

He rarely asks me to do things, he’s always telling me.

He calls me little girl.

He hits me with his belt at random times (usually when my ass is exposed and he’s taking the belt off) & it hurts and if it’s just once, I won’t say anything, but sometimes he will smile after he does it once and hit me a couple more times until I’m like OK that really hurts now (oh how far I’ve fallen lol).

And it’s not that I am totally averse to him hurting me (I love love it best during sex), I just have a complicated relationship with pain and so I don’t want it from u if YOU don’t really really want to give it to me. Also with the belt situation, I don’t wanna open the door for actual, wear my ass out, spankings. I just don’t want to go down that path.

I think it’s like that whole “to whom much is given, much is required” and even if he were really interested in that, there is so much more responsibility that he would need to take on & and I’d rather keep that door closed.

But then I just saw a movie recently where the guy told the girl to face the wall & pull up her skirt because he was going to spank her for being naughty &girrrrrl that scene REALLy turned me on (even though it never happened.

Anonymous asked: Will you be making any more spanking videos?




Here’s Luna Lynch!

Mmmmm school girl outfits! What fun!

So cute

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Anonymous asked: Hi, you wrote awhile ago about the difficulty of broaching the subject of kink in a new relationship. What's the least creepy/best chance of success way to do that, in your experience? I.e., how would you prefer that someone bring up the possibility?

Did I now? In the past, I’ve gauged interests by asking them to show me their favorite porn, venturing into the kink section at the sex store, etc and seeing what they say or do & going from there.
Domwithpen has lots of info on this sort of thing, so def check his page out

Anonymous asked: Well i am a Mexican/white dominant Guy. I really like black girls. They are some of the most fine women to me. I've never seen a black girl show her submissive side. This is exciting to me. Both things i like into one. Haha. Are black girls attracted to white guys more then Mexicans? Or could there be something wrong that IM doing when IM trying to attract one?

Idk what to tell you & prefer that people don’t send me questions like this



I know her



I know her

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Good girls get spanked



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Is that Lafawnduh?

Is that Lafawnduh?

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Love you :-*


Love you :-*

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